Critics push for release of TPPA information

Concerns have arisen over the inadequate cost analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and its impact to the Treaty of Waitangi.

Auckland University Law Professor Jane Kelsey is advising the government release the documents so that it can be fully analysed.  

Kelsey says that an independent cost-benefit analysis is needed to address costs of the TPPA not factored in by government modelling.

“The Sustainability Council showed the methodology used in the Peterson Institute study, that the government has previously relied on, was deeply flawed. 

The idea we must wait for at least another month before we can fully test the government’s claims, makes informed democratic debate impossible,” says Kelsey.

Labour’s Acting Leader Annette King says, "The government must come clean now on what ugly compromises they have made behind closed doors.”

In June, prominent Māori claimed that the government would fail to protect Maori intellectual property rights in the TPPA.

The group, including Dr Papaarangi Reid, Moana Jackson, Rikirangi Gage and Angeline Greensill, were unhappy with the absence of Māori involvement in the agreement, and the lack of obligation to assess implications to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade maintain that the Treaty of Waitangi will be included in the TPPA as an exception, similar to the Treaty’s inclusion in all of New Zealand’s free-trade agreements.