Alien Weaponry release video for "Rū Ana Te Whenua"

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

The new song titled 'Ru Ana Te Whenua' by thrash metal band Alien Weaponry is perched at number 4 on the NZ Heatseeker singles chart which puts the spotlight on up and coming titles outside of the Top 20 Top 20 Artist Single Chart.

Alien Weaponry have now released the music clip to accompany their metal hit Ru Ana Te Whenua.

Henry de Jong (Ngāti Pikiao) says, “We wrote it in dedication to our tupuna who fought and died at Gate Pā he actually fought and died at Tauranga but it's those two battles that are known as Gate Pā.”

The song has also created a personal connection to audiences.

Henry de Jong says, “You know we get a lot of people coming up to us at shows going hey you know my tupuna also fought at Gate Pā and you form a connection with your audience and it's a really good feeling.”

Alien Weaponry consists of brothers Lewis and Henry de Jong, and Ethan Trembath who are all high school students. Lewis says by being diligent with schoolwork he's free to pursue his dream.

Lewis Raharuhu de Jong (Ngāti Pikiao) says, “It's kind of a matter of just keeping ahead of your school work so that it doesn't creep up on you so when you have the opportunity to go on tour that you can actually do it without getting behind in school.”

They are currently after funding for their next single, Kaitangata

Henry says, ”Super brutal and it always goes off really well live so I'm hoping it's received well. You can imagine what it's about being called kaitangata.”

Alien Weaponry are touring NZ over the next two months.