Te Kura Whakapūmau implements earthquake safety measures

  • South Island
Te Kura Whakapūmau

Families and communities in Christchurch have worked tirelessly to rebuild their lives after the devastating 6.3 earthquake struck Canterbury five years ago today.

Te Kura Whakapūmau is one school in the region that’s implemented new initiatives and plans to help ensure the safety of its students in the future.

Senior Kaiako, Reece Allen says following the 2011 earthquake its roll of 120 students dropped to 50 but he says the entire school has worked hard to bring the numbers back up which currently sits at around 60.

Staff and students are now fully prepared for emergency situations and a room at the kura has been dedicated to storing resources in case f an emergency.

Reece Allen says items kept in the room include blankets, sleeping bags, marques, gazebos first aid kits and stationary.

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