Tūtohu The Outlook for Someday. Ngā hua 31 - 38 o te 38 mō

Ngā hua 31 - 38 o 38

Ngā hua kimi

  1. Video for Someday Challenge, What is Happiness?,

    Someday Challenge, What is Happiness?,

    Someday Challenge, What is Happiness?

  2. Video for Someday Stories - Drop Down Globe

    Someday Stories- Drop Down Globe

    Shakespeare on film and by females: remixed, rediscovered and reimagined. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

  3. Video for Someday Stories - A Life Like This,

    Someday Stories- A Life Like This,

    A young New Zealander and his father explore their family's refugee story as survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime.

  4. Video for Someday Stories - Fragmentary,

    Someday Stories- Fragmentary,

    One evening, two teens, a city to rediscover.

  5. Video for Someday Stories - When we Speak

    Someday Stories- When we Speak

    Three young poets navigate their identity through spoken word poetry. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

  6. Video for Someday Stories 2017 - Coast

    Someday Stories 2017- Coast

    A story about compassion and kindness towards a young woman in desperate need.

  7. Video for Someday Stories - Puoro

    Someday Stories- Puoro

    The story of Jerome Kavanagh, a young Māori practitioner of traditional instruments, as he revives ancient ancestral practices in our contemporary world.

  8. Ngā Hōtaka

    The Outlook for Someday

    He hanga kiriata poto mō te whakapūmautanga te wero. Me mahi ā-kapa, ko koe anake rānei. I hangaia mā te tautoko a Irirangi te Motu.

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