Tūtohu Salad. Ngā hua 11 - 17 o te 17 mō

Ngā hua 11 - 17 o 17

Ngā hua kimi

  1. Aotearoa Salad

    Aotearoa Salad and Cook Island Salad

    Kia orana! Cam is heading over to the Cook Islands and salad is on the menu.

  2. Plate of pork belly and slaw.

    Roasted Pork Belly with Crunchy Asian Slaw

    Cam is at Gourmet in the Gardens in Hamilton where he seeks inspiration for his roasted pork belly and Asian slaw salad dish.

  3. Pickled cucumber salad with salmon fillet

    Pickled Cucumber Salad

    Cam and chef Loren Lee search the Wesley day market for fresh produce. Then it’s a cook-off for the best salmon dish.

  4. Video for Cam's Kai - Pickled cucmber salad

    Cam's Kai- Pickled cucmber salad

    Ko Cameron Petley te kaikawe i tēnei hōtaka tao kai.

  5. Warm Venison Salad with Balsamic Chocolate

    Kai Time travels to The Alpine Deer Farm. Located near the town of Wingham, these Deer are free range and set in the aussie terrain pastures. 

  6. Rarotonga Potato Salad

    Kai Time Travels to Tūrangi, which is located on the southern boarders of Lake Taupo.

  7. Whakaatu hua anō