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  1. Spice Rubbed Lamb Rump with Roasted Baby Vegetables

    Ūpoko 13- Spice Rubbed Lamb Rump with Roasted Baby Vegetables

    Belinda gets Rex to teach her about presentation, flavours and tastes in time for catering her friend’s wedding. Spiced rubbed lamb rump and chocolate brownie are on the menu tonight.

  2. Ep 8- Pumpkin Soup with Curry Swirl & Garlic Croutons

    Teresa is training to become a Chef and she wants to create something different and joyful. Tonight Rex and Teresa make roast beef, a pumpkin soup with a curry swirl and a deconstructed lemon curd cheesecake.

  3. FInished Porchetta  presented on a plate with salad and mashed potatoes

    Ūpoko 6- Porchetta- Pokai Poaka

    T has always had a passion for cooking and would love to create something tasty out of nothing.  With Rex’s help, he is preparing chicken Crostini, Porchetta and Tiramisu.

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