Tūtohu Fitness in the Whare. Ngā hua 11 - 20 o te 41 mō

Ngā hua 11 - 20 o 41

Ngā hua kimi

  1. Ūpoko 15- Kai Ora

    Nooroa Kippenburger from Ora Toa Community Health whips up a chia seed coconut pudding with fruit.

  2. Ūpoko 15- Glen Osborne

    Former All Black and host of Hunting Aotearoa Glenn Osborne is unleashing his inner aerobics instructor on us with his 40 plus aerobics routine, complete with kaumatua options! 

  3. Ūpoko 14- Kai Ora

    Jacob shows he’s the chef in the family preparing his favourite post-exercise kai, chicken and bean salad.

  4. Ūpoko 14- Ellison Whānau

    Today it’s the Ellison whanau fitness show with Amiria’s brothers Tamati, Jacob and Leon who all happen to be rugby players! Join Amiria Ellison and her bro for rehab (if you’ve had an injury) exercise and humour. 

  5. Ūpoko 13- Kai Ora

    Today we prepare a breakfast with a good balance of protein, fat and carbs.

  6. Ūpoko 13- Nathan Martin

    Low impact moves and a routine that suits pakeke, tamariki, those with injuries and even if you’re in a wheelchair – this is exercise 101 from community based instructor Nathan Martin of Change Fitness. Don’t miss the healthy snack advice either.

  7. Ūpoko 12- Kai Ora

    Wairangi is taking over the kitchen with the trendy non-dairy alternative, Paleo almond nut milk!

  8. Ūpoko 12- Wairangi Koopu

    Today - H.I.I.T - High Intensity Interval Training. Deep breath for this one – former Warrior Wairangi Koopu is taking over the fitness floor today with a high intensity cross-fit workout and he’s not letting Amiria off lightly. He’s also taking over the kitchen with the trendy non-dairy alternative, Paleo almond nut milk!

  9. Ūpoko 11- Kai Ora

    Joining Alby and Mātai in the kauta are the crew from Toi Tangata with a healthy kūmara pizza alternative.

  10. Ūpoko 11- Alby & Mātai

    GC star and waka ama enthusiast Alby Waititi is back in the whare along with his partner and TV presenter Mātai Smith. Today they’ve brought along some of their nieces and nephews to show a workout that everyone can do! 

  11. Whakaatu hua anō