Tūtohu Documentary. Ngā hua 31 - 40 o te 54 mō

Ngā hua 31 - 40 o 54

Ngā hua kimi

  1. Video for Victor 4 Company,

    Victor 4 Company,

    He kōrero ātahu mō ngā mahi me ngā whakahere tinana i whakahaerehia. Ka kōrero mai ngā Ika ā-whiro Māori e whā, tētahi nēhi nō te ope tauā me te Rangatira Tuarua.

  2. Mama Africa

    Documentary about Miriam Makeba. Availble to viewers in NZ for 30 days.

  3. Tū Mai Ngāti Awa

    Tū Mai Ngāti Awa shares the Treaty settlement story of Ngāti Awa.  It captures powerful historical events that lead to their settlement and share the impact this is having on their people. Available to viewers worldwide.  

  4. Ngā Hōtaka

    Loading Docs (2018)

    A collection of NZ Documentary Documentary shorts promoting New Zealand film making talent. 'I hangaia mā te tautoko a Irirangi te Motu  

  5. Pina

    A tribute to the late German choreographer, Pina Bausch, as her dancers perform her most famous creations.

  6. Monterey

    (AO) Mira and Paul created their dream café in Grey Lynn named Monterey. The addition of a proudly Samoan kitchen crew was the cherry on top. But everything changes once a chef from the UK is brought in, and tensions boil over. (2016)

  7. Becoming Bulletproof

    (AO) A diverse group of disabled people from across the US take on leading roles in a magical rip roaring costume drama Western, filmed on vintage Hollywood locations. 

  8. The Great Australian Race Riot Part 2 of 3

    Part two of a three-part series,. Peter Fitzsimons takes an explosive journey across Australia, reliving the country's forgotten race riots. Fitzsimons exposes heroes and villains on a journey that spans more than 170 years. (PR)

  9. First Position

    A documentary that follows six young dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world. (PR)

  10. Pacific Solution- From Afghanistan to Aotearoa

    A look at the lives of Afghan refugees who found sanctuary in Aotearoa after the ship they were aboard became mired in controversy and the leaky boat began to sink. (PR)  

  11. Whakaatu hua anō