Minister not worried about claims of fish-dumping

Labour members of Parliament have today spoken up about the Governments lacklustre response to the dumping of fish by supermarket chain, Countdown, and have labelled it as being weak, and are calling on the practise to be stamped out. Today Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy says he's not worried at all by these claims.

We've seen the evidence, yet it's still not enough.

According to Nathan Guy today, “MPI were in having a look at the process yesterday and they reported back to me that they did not have any concerns so they’ve been in and had an investigation about the undersized fish”

Minister of Primary Industries, Nathan Guy's response to a Native Affairs report last night over wasted fish, which sparked controversy today among politicians and the public alike. Opposition MP's say that his response is, essentially, a slap in the face.

Meka Whaitiri, MP for Ikaroa-Rawhiti, speaking from Parliament today said she was “shocked to see the waste, but there is always two sides to the story…” She carries on to say that she is “sure most people that saw that story were shocked due to the excessive waste”

Whitsleblower Kevin Rogers accuses Progressive Enterprise, the owners of supermarket chain, Countdown, of dumping binloads of fish, sometimes up to 6 tonnes per day.

Furthermore, some from the Labour party are calling for further investigation, so that this precious resource is not put to waste any longer.