What small fixes can we make to get a good price?

Q1: We’re looking to sell our home and want to get it in the best shape possible before we put it on the market. We don’t have a huge budget, so wondering what small fixes we can make that might ensure we get a good price. Where is the best place to start? Karen, Paeroa.

Interiors expert Margot Ah Kuoi says there are things you can do that don't cost a cent:

Remove as many family photos, personal memorabilia etc as possible...people need to be able to see themselves living in your home;

Remove any unnecessary small pieces of furniture...create a sense of space;

Sort, purge & de-clutter closets, pantries, storage areas & garage...storage is "prime real estate" in a house;

Try to minimise "small" items on surfaces including kitchen & bathroom counters, especially make up & toiletries...these just make these smaller rooms look messy;

Look at your front door area - does it need a clean?  Clean it for a nice first impression.

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