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My Family Feast

Aro mai ki ngā iwi kanorau o Ahitereiria e pōhiri ana i a Kaitao Sean Connolly ki ō rātau kāinga me ō rātau ngākau.

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Tohutao My Family Feast

Ngā tohutao My Family Feast.

Tātaritia mā te tūtohu



Cooked empanadas presented on plate

The most common and popular empanada is stuffed with beef, but other common varieties are ham and cheese, capresse (cheese, tomato, and basil), chicken, and vegetable.

Mandaean Spiced Duck

Fingers holding knife carving Mandaean Duck

Duck or besha  is a favourite of the Mandaean community.  They cook it in a way that is quite different to other nations, even the Iraqis and it is eaten sometimes several times a week.  This method of boiling the duck in spices and dried limes provides a rich tangy soup to start a meal.

Ka hiahia pea koe ki