Ūpoko 4 - Whole Baked Fish

Whole Baked Fish


Whole Baked Fish - Tunutunu Ika:

  • 1 lemon sliced - rēmana
  • 1 thinly sliced onion - riki
  • 1 fennel bulb thinly sliced - tōpuku wheno
  • 1 tbsp butter - pata
  • 3 tbsp olive oil - hinu ōriwa
  • 4 tbsp water or white wine - wai; waina mā
  • 1 tspn dried - karengo                 
  • 1 tspn dried kawakawa
  • Salt and pepper - tote me te pepa
  • 1 scaled snapper or tarakihi - tamure or tarakihi
  • Tinfoil - kiritīni

Roast Vegetables - Huawhenua Tunutunu

  • 2 Kūmara
  • 1 medium Beetroot - rengakura
  • 1/4 Pumpkin - paukena

Green Salad  - Manga Mata

  • 1 bag of Mesclun Salad - kohinga hua whenua
  • ½ punnet of cherrie Tomatos - puoto tomato tiere
  • ½  Fennel bulb sliced thinly - topuku Wheno


  1. In a baking tray, line with tinfoil twice as big as your fish.
  2. Score the skin on the snapper, and then stuff the fish with the sliced lemon, onion and fennel. (Approximately 1 cups worth of filling).
  3. Layout a piece of tinfoil to wrap the fish in and drizzle olive oil and salt on the tinfoil before placing the fish. Place the fish and then sprinkle with oil and salt again along with kawakawa, karengo and butter. Then drizzle a sprinkling of water over the top of the fish.
  4. Place another piece of foil on top, fold edges around the fish to seal. Bake at 180°C for 15-20mins.
  5. Add green salad and roast vegetables to serve. Chop vegetables into small even pieces, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper and pop in the oven for 30- 40 minutes on 180°C or 200°C depending on the strength of your oven.

Serves 4