Mango Jelly Dessert


  • 400ml whipped cream 80g fresh diced mango 120ml mango puree 150ml vanilla custard 80g gelatine


  1.  In a bowl whip some cream with icing sugar and vanilla essence and leave aside.
  2.  In a small cup dissolve the gelatine and fold into the whipped cream
  3.  In a small bowl fold in the vanilla custard into the prepared cream
  4.  Next we add a little of the dissolved gelatine to this mix and place it into our glass cup only half way full and we allow it to set in the fridge.
  5.  We then puree the mango and heat it up slightly and add some of the dissolved gelatine then we gently cook it through until it starts to thicken. Moving it aside we allow it to cool.
  6.  When cooled we pour it over the cream mixture in the glass
  7.  Next we diced the remainder of the mango to finish off the top as our garnish

Ka hiahia pea koe ki

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