Ūpoko 9 - Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Fitness in the Whare Episode 9 Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Type of Exercise: Regaining your pre-baby body

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Bio:  Ngarama Milner-Olsen is a mum to 2 year old Amokura, and an ex-Pulse netballer who still plays local sport. She’s also a personal trainer and one of New Zealand’s top female triathlete having just completed and placed third in the Triathlon Long Distance World Championships in Sweden this year. http://www.fitness-solutions.net.nz/

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Whakawhiti = Crossovers
  • Nonoho = Squat
  • Whātoro = Lunge
  • Pēhinga = Press up
  • Paihikara = Bicycle crunches
  • Arawhata = Bridge
  • - Dynamic stretching is good for waking up muscles, to get them ready to work hard. This involves moving your limbs through the full range of motion that they will be used in during the following exercises.
  • - Activate your core to help maintain good posture.

With repetitions a low rep range or a high rep range depends on your fitness goals. 

  • >> Low reps (1 – 6) Builds strength. 
  • >> Medium reps (7 to 12) Builds size and strength.
  • >>High reps (12 – 15) Builds endurance.

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