Ūpoko 5 - Stacey Morrison me Jenny May Coffin

Type of Exercise: Working out with your mates!

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: Jenny May Coffin and Stacey Morrison

Bios: Jenny May Coffin is a sports broadcaster and coaches netball.  She can also be seen on TV One News and Breakfast shows along with Māori Television's sports programme Code. 
Stacey Morrison is a TV presenter of Whānau Living and Re-Think, a well-known radio personality on The Hits, and  is also a busy mother of 3!

Today they’re working out and having fun with Amiria for a girls’ morning of skipping, jumping, stretching and chatting. Also in the kauta is our personal trainer Ngarama Milner-Olsen with some great hauora tips.

Being in a gym is a great motivator but you don’t have to pay monthly fees if you organise to meet with friends, neighbours or workout with your partner twice a week.

Doing exercise with others helps keep you on track and make you accountable to others – which can help you stay on target.

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Piupiu = Skipping
  • Tarapēpeke/Hupa = Burpees
  • Noho hau = Air squats
  • Pēhinga  = Press ups
  • Arawhata = Bridge
  • Porotēteke = Hand stand

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