Ūpoko 4 - Ngarama Milner-Olsen

Bio:  Ngarama Milner-Olsen is mum to 2 year old Amokura and an ex-Pulse netballer who still plays local sport. She’s also a personal trainer and one of New Zealand’s top female triathlete having just completed and placed third in the Triathlon Long Distance World Championships in Sweden this year.

Website link Fitness-solutions 

Type of Exercise: Getting back into exercise!

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: Ngarama Milner-Olsen (who is also the fitness advisor for the Fitness in the Whare series).

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Ngōki pungawerewere = Spider crawl
  • Poraka = Froggers (ground burpies)
  • Whātoro, toro te tuarā = Lunge, back stretch
  • Pēhinga = Press ups
  • Nonoho = Squats
  • Peke whetū = Star Jumps
  • Piko puku = Crunches
  • Arawhata = Bridge

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