Ūpoko 17 - Norm & Arlene

Type of Exercise: Fitness with the Whanau

Intensity level: Medium impact 

Instructor: Arlene Thomas-Hewitt with help from Norm

Bio:  Former World Aerobic Champion ArleneThomas-Hewitt takes charge and leads former All Black husband Norm and their two sporty children Alexander and Elizabeth through exercise routines. When she’s not taking charge of the family’s fitness, she’s a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Radical Fitness (http://radicalfitness.net/newzealand/), and driving the kids to their sporting events. 

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • Hīkoi ki mua, hīkoi ki muri =  Step forward, step back
  • Horoi matapihi = Window wipers
  • Kanikani = Dance
  • Torotoro ngā waewae = Leg stretches
  • Warming up increases blood flow to your muscles and gradually increases your heart rate.
  • Dancing is a great way to workout with your kids.
  • Dancing is a high cardio workout, it is important to keep your fluid intake up.
  • Finishing your workout off with stretches will help recover your body for your next workout.

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