Ūpoko 15 - Glen Osborne

Type of Exercise: Rock ‘n’ Roll Stylz with Oz
Intensity level: Low impact 
Instructor: Glen Osborne better known as 'Ozzy' or 'Oz'

Bio:  Now retired from rugby, Glen spends most of his time hunting the back blocks of NZ for Hunting Aotearoa, Rock ‘n Roll dancing with his wife, and re-connecting with his whānau and rohe having moved back to his hometown Whanganui.

Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:
  • Hīkoi haere = Jogging on the spot
  • Torotoro te tinana = Stretch the body
  • Noho ake = Sit ups
  • Pēhinga = Press up
  • Arawhata = Bridge / Plank
  • Stretching will help your mobility in your workout – help you achieve full range of movement with your exercises.
  • Sit ups - visualise your spine being Velcro peeling one vertebrae off at a time coming up and same way going down.
  • Press up - hands under the shoulders, feet hips width apart, activate your core as you bend your elbows bringing chest towards floor and pushing back to start.
  • Taking a few deep breathes in between exercises will help regulate the oxygen to your muscles.

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