Ūpoko 11 - Alby & Mātai

Type of Exercise: Exercise with the neices and nephews

Intensity level: Medium impact

Instructor: Alby Waititi (from the GC) accompanied by his partner TV presenter Matai Smith.

Bio: Many may recognises Alby Waititi from the reality series the GC. He flew home especially to film this episode along with his partner Mātai Smith. Alby Waititi is a self proclaimed fitness freak. As well as working out Alby loves to get out on the moana and do waka ama.  Matai on the other hand is not so enthusiastic about exercise and during this episode often likes to refer to the ‘kaumatua option’.

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Main exercise moves that feature in this episode:

  • E oma e oma = Run
  • Whātoro = Lunge
  • Noho ake = Sit up
  • Peke poraka = Frog jumps
  • Pēhinga = Press up
  • Hiki waewae = Leg raises
  • Nonoho = Squat
  • Peke whetū = Star jumps

Circuit training keeps our heart rate high, this is a good way to improve your fitness,  only having short rest periods inbetween your exercise sets.

Activate your core before you crunch up to help support your lower back.

Static stretching will help decrease muscle tension and help with your recovery phase ready of your next workout.

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