Ūpoko 10 - Kai Ora

Fitness in the Whare Episode 10 Kai Ora

Kai Ora – Nutritional tips and recipes  

Chef/Nutritional expert: Levi Armstrong

Meal Planning – Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Here’s some tips for a daily plan;

  • Breakfast – 3 Weetbix and fruit, fresh is best, but if tinned go for unsweetened, avoid sweetened water or syrup.
  • Morning Tea (Kai Kinikini = Snack) – A hand full of almonds, banana (fruit and nuts are good food combining).
  • Lunch – Brown bread, keep it to two slices, not four or six! For the filling, tuna is good for protein, also egg or chicken.
  • Afternoon Tea – Hua Rakau (fruit) is low in calories, high in fibre, and lots of energy.
  • Kai Whakamutunga (Dinner) – Lean meats and vegetables, stir fries are quick. 

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