Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo

He hōtaka hou ka huri i te motu ki te whakapaipai i ngā Kōhanga Reo pākarukaru.

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Wāhanga - Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo

ŪPOKO 1: Rāapa 11 o Poutūterangi, 8.30 i te pō
Te Kōhanga Reo o Te Kōhao o te Ngira

Tonight, we’re at Te Kōhao o te Ngira in Hamilton. They once had a roll of 50, however, in recent years this Kōhanga has fallen to just 18. The whānau is hoping this make-over will bring new life and new tamariki to their Kōhanga.

ŪPOKO 2: Rāapa 11 o Poutūterangi, 9.00 i te pō
Te Kōhao o te Ngira cont.

Tonight, a mistake with the pavers has put the builders behind schedule. Will they finish in time so that the tamariki can enjoy their new whare on Monday.

ŪPOKO 3: Rāapa 18 o Poutūterangi, 8.30 i te pō
Te Kōhanga Reo o Taurangi

Tonight, we’re in the heart of Te Noota at Te Kōhanga Reo o Taurangi in Waimate. Shut down for ten years, the local community see the reopening of this Kōhanga as an opportunity to reviltalise te mita o Ngāpuhi.

ŪPOKO 4: Rāapa 18 o Poutūterangi, 9.00 i te pō
Te Kōhanga Reo o Taurangi

Tonight, as most of the mahi progresses Paora and his team hit rock bottom, meaning they face a long night of mahi. Plus, it’s smiles all round as the tamariki get stuck into the maara.

EPISODE 5: Wednesday 25 March, 8.30pm
Te Kōhanga Reo o Tītīrangi

Tonight, a whānau desire to reconnect with the local marae sees the return of kōhanga reo to Te Poho ō Rāwiri marae in Tūranganui ā-Kiwa.

EPISODE 6: Wednesday 25 March, 9.00pm
Te Kōhanga Reo o Tītīrangi cont.

Tonight, a mis-measurement in the kitchen has lead builder Himiona worried they might not finish on time, while former kaiako reminisce about their time at Te Tihi o Tītīrangi.

EPISODE 7: Wednesday 01 April, 8.30pm
Te Maunga Kōhungahunga

Tonight, we’re at Te Maunga Kōhungahunga in Papakura, where a small yet passionate whānau are keen to revamp the prison-like exterior of their kōhanga, as well as provide some much-needed TLC to the interior.

EPISODE 8: Wednesday 01 April, 9.00pm
Te Maunga Kōhungahunga cont.

Tonight, the māmā of the kōhanga are putting in the hard yards by tackling the massive amount of painting required to complete this renovation. Plus, a weekend of stormy weather puts the renovation in doubt.

EPISODE 9: Wednesday 08 April, 8.30pm
Te Kōhanga Reo o Waitahanui

Tonight, a small community on the outskirts of Taupō, the whānau of Waitahanui are looking forward to their building extension and increasing the capacity of their already growing kōhanga reo.

EPISODE 10: Wednesday 08 April, 9.00pm
Te Kōhanga Reo o Waitahanui cont.

Tonight, a hāngī of epic proportions is prepared as the whānau look forward to the big reveal of their brand new whare.

EPISODE 11: Wednesday 15 April, 8.30pm
Hānana Te Kōhanga Reo

Tonight, with rain-clouds looming the community of Hānana Te Kōhanga Reo rally together to kick start the renovation of their beloved whare kōhanga.

EPISODE 12: Wednesday 15 April, 9.00pm
Hānana Te Kōhanga Reo cont. (Series Finale)

Tonight, a pierced waterpipe has Paora and his crew sweating. Plus, the tamariki are full of excitement as the centre piece of Jacob’s playground is unveiled.