Ka tirotiro ki ngā tikanga tā moko huri noa i te ao. Ka kitea ngā taputapu me ngā āhuatanga, ngā tohu me ngā tikanga ka hanga i a rātau toi tā moko.

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Mātakihia - Skindigenous

Ngā ataata Skindigenous.

Skindigenous 3, Huitoto, Ūpoko 1

G, Pablo is part of the Huitoto tribe, one of the many Indigenous tribes that call the Amazon forest home. The Huitotos traditional land is around the Southern Colombian city of Leticia, borde

Skindigenous 3, Wayuu, Ūpoko 2

G, The Wayuu are a proud and resilient tribe living in the semi-desertic peninsula of La Guajira, in Northeastern Colombia. As a matriarchal society, many of the traditions and customs of the

Skindigenous 3, Regina, Ūpoko 9

G, Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Stacey Fayant is of Metis and Cree descent. Growing up, Stacey had to face a lot of issues within her own home, racism, poverty, violence, and alcoho