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Pātai kia Tahei Q&A

If you have a housing question that you need answered, ask Tahei! She knows her stuff when it comes to housing.

Tātaritia mā te tūtohu


Could you clarify what constitutes 'Papakainga'.....

A smiling Tāhei looking at camera

I've been enjoying watching the show. I have been really interested in the different models of ownership (co-ownership). I was wondering if you could clarify what constitutes 'Papakainga' - in terms of financial mortgages - and for Council Resource Consent purposes? Does Council only consider legally-related whanau? It is only for maori-descent? Can it be multiple buildings or under 'one-roof' only? I'd appreciate your feedback - as this is such a natural way of living for many cultures - and a sustainable way of getting 'on the ladder'.


Ka hiahia pea koe ki