Matariki Awards 2019

Ka whakanuihia te hiranga Māori i roto i ngā kaupapa o te mātauranga, mahi toi, whakangahau, hauora, pūtaiao, tākaro, pakihi me te mahi hou, hapori, te reo me ngā tikanga Māori.

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The Matariki AR (Augmented Reality) experience is a browser based, markerless AR experience.

Disclaimer: This experience is not guaranteed to work for all models of smartphones. The experience may not always work the same, everytime, due to many possible conditions, some may include, slow Internet speeds, low light, plain surfaces and brand new models released onto the market. It is most likely only to work for phones released in the last 18 months. 

Augmented Reality (AR) is when digital information or virtual objects are placed in the real world using the camera on a device.

The Matariki AR experience does not need a marker or trigger for the experience to work.

It uses surface approximation to place a virtual animation scene in front of a user, using their mobile or tablet camera.

Point your camera at any surface and then tap your screen.

This will place the scene in front of you.

You can look around the scene by moving the device.

You can even look inside each pou, to find the hidden messages.

A second tap of the screen will trigger the videos to play.