(AO) Koinei te hōtaka reorua werawera rawa atu i Aotearoa, e whai ana i ngā oranga o Smooch, Hemi me Geo. Ka wātea te On Demand ki ngā kaimātakitaki o Ahitereira me Aotearoa.

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A loyal trio of friends: meet Smooch, Geo, and Hemi. Two dynamic wahine and their wildcard bro. Auckland born they’re young, Kura Kaupapa raised, and dangerously onto-it. Hacking life for maximum fun, their world orbits around getting cash, cutting corners, charging their phones and Smooch’s tricked out waka.

Now flat mates, they’re carving a space for themselves as rangatahi in a new world, chasing big dreams, falling, and catching each other again along the way. A messy and unpredictable combo.

This crew might be young, but they swim in the deep end. They are not afraid to sleep, fight, and friend their way through their problems, even if it creates more for them. They’ve got each other, and if that starts to unravel… well they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it.