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Māori Television supports programming that revitalizes Māori culture and language. Below is a guide for producers who wish to bring a programme concept to Māori Television.

A proposal is a document that outlines a programme concept for Māori Television’s consideration. Here you will find out how to submit a proposal to Māori Television.

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    The first stage of a proposal is the pitch. This is a two page document outlining the programme concept.  It should include the personnel working on the project, the budget, the audience the show is intended for and the time slot it could play out in. The pitch needs to be accompanied by a Māori Television coversheet.

    Send your two page pitch to

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    Our commissioning team review all of the two page pitches considering the quality of the concept, the Reo and Tikanga strategy, the cost effectiveness, audience appeal, company experience and value to the schedule. They then request a full proposal from the successful pitches.

    The full proposal is a detailed document of the programme pitch. It must include a detailed breakdown of the programme format and structure. A Te Reo Māori plan, budget and production schedule. See the guidelines below.

    Māori Television Commissioners will offer the successful full proposals a broadcast commitment. This document ensures the funder that we (the broadcaster) support the production and will play the programme out when it is delivered to station. NZ On Air and TMP will only offer funding to a project that has a broadcast commitment from an approved platform.

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    Over half of Māori Television’s programming is commissioned. This means external production companies create television programming on behalf of Māori Television.

    These television programmes are made with funding from Te Mangai Paho and New Zealand on Air. Māori Television works in conjunction with the funding agency funding rounds.

    Below are the funding rounds for each funding agency. Māori Television will send out a request for proposals. To receive these requests, send an email to with ‘panui mailer’ in the subject heading.

    The funding agencies have their own criteria for determining which programmes they will provide funding support for. These are detailed on the agency websites and in publications such as their annual reports and statement of intent (SOI). A commitment from the broadcaster does not necessarily mean that a programme will be funded by the agency. The funding agency will notify successful applicants very soon, after the Board has made its decision. If the application is successful you will be asked to complete a form, sign a deal memo and execute a contract.

    There are different types of contracts, according to what kind of programme you have had funded. It is common to have two contracts. One is a Production Funding Agreement (PFA) with the funder (either Te Māngai Pāho or NZ On Air) and the other is a License to Broadcast Agreement (LBA) with Māori Television. Sometimes there is a single three-way contract between your production company, the funder/s and the broadcaster.

    You should allow up to a month (and sometimes longer) for contracting before you can start production.

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