Te Kāea newsroom goes digital

Recent changes in the Te Kāea newsroom including a new virtual set, standing presenters, new sports presentation and live subtitling have been well received by Māori Television viewers.

The new set was launched on the station’s 11th birthday last month, and is one of a number of newsroom changes aimed at increasing the immediacy of the channel’s daily news bulletin.

Head of news and current affairs Maramena Roderick says Te Kāea is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about the improved changes.

“Bringing more than one presenter on set and having them in front of a dynamic digital backdrop has received huge feedback from viewers,” Ms Roderick says.

 “Thanks to the commitment and ingenuity of our staff, we achieved the new set and presentation at no cost to the business and brought the way we deliver our news into the 21st century.

“Other changes include live subtitling and reconfiguring the newsroom to make way for live crosses and updates straight to air and to viewers.”

Ms Roderick says there is a very strong focus across the business on multi-platform delivery of programming. “This means that as well as filing a news story to camera, our reporters are also filing online throughout the day, via Facebook and the web, engaging directly with our audiences.

Chief executive Paora Maxwell says the changes implemented by Ms Roderick since she joined the organisation in November have had a significant impact on newsroom practice, viewer feedback and engagement.


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