Politicians to tackly the media in rugby match

On Saturday 18 August at 3pm, Members of Parliament will square up against members of New Zealand’s media for the first time, in a rugby match organised by Maori Television’s Julian Wilcox.

Familiar faces including Glen Osborne (CODE), Lachlan Forsyth (TV3), John Tamihere (RADIO LIVE), Scotty Morrison (TVNZ), Nate Nauer (MAI FM) and GC Producer Bailey Mackie will all play in the game to be held at Teacher’s Eastern Rugby Club in Auckland’s Okahu Bay.  Radio Live’s Willie Jackson will be running the side-line as team manager and SKY TV’s Melodie Robinson will have the tough job of keeping everyone in line as referee.  

This fixture places members of the media against an experienced team of politicians including Hon Shane Jones, Hon Chester Borrows, Brendon Horan and Alfred Ngaro in an effort to raise funds for the St John Ambulance Service.  Many MPs are expected to be in attendance including local Auckland MPs Jacinda Ardern and Nicky Kaye and Parliamentary rugby team adviser Winston Peters.    

What started out as a fun way to gather some of the media together has fast become competitive with plenty of good-natured banter being exchanged on both sides.

Julian Wilcox says: “It’s an obvious opportunity for politicians to get some revenge on media but it’s also about supporting the St John Ambulance Service.  Hopefully this becomes an annual event”.

Members of the public are invited to attend the game which will be followed by a trophy presentation.