They took the internet by storm when their poi routine to Beyoncé’s ‘Move Your Body’ received over 1.5m  views and now the self-titled Poiyonce stars are set to feature in Māori Televisions brand new series, Ahorangi the Next Generation.

The show centres around the Ahorangi students in a reality style exploring the beauty of the Māori world. The cameras will follow the unique all-girl ropu and their male counterparts, Te Rau o Ahorangi, as they produce a stage show focused on Māori fitness, health, beauty and wellbeing.

The series will focus on the blood sweat and tears that go into putting together a show of this scale, and the drama and passion that arises behind the scenes. Viewers at home will gain a deep insight of the techniques used by kapa haka groups such as the Poiyonce stars as they showcase traditional and contemporary movement and fluent language skills.

This youth-reality series provides an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the kapa haka world, chronicling the laughter, learning and gruelling practice that goes into each dynamic performance.

Ahorangi the Next Generation premieres exclusively on Māori Television on August 8th 2016 at 7pm. 

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