Native Affairs Has Found A Full Blooded Māori

She is 33 years old and a mother of four. Native Affairs will reveal who it is tonight, Tuesday 11 April, at 8pm on Māori Television.

DNA expert Brad Argent explains the science behind the test, the results and blood quotients.

Argent told the woman, "What's happened over time is that the genetic material that has been passed down to you, that stuff has just diluted away. In your case, it’s led to you being 100% Māori."

Blood quantum is a controversial subject and is often used in opposition to Māori rights.

Argent says "DNA is just one tiny part of who we are as people. So, when you're getting a genetic result it's important to remember that. It doesn't define who you are."

While Argent says the result is unique, he's encouraging more Māori to take the test as other full blooded Māori could be found.

Native Affairs will also look at the controversial euthanasia debate, and talk to the woman who was targeted for being a nark and her legacy.

Native Affairs, every Tuesday 8pm on Māori Television.