Māori Television's Language Learning Programs are Relocating to our Te Reo Channel

For intermediate level speakers, Ako is for you. This show helps to build on four key language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. This isn’t your average language class either, there are laughs, waiata, roleplays and improvisational activities included. Learn more about grammatical structures and language functions to add to your te reo tohungatanga (expertise).

Are you ngaro (lacking) when it comes to your use of te reo? Then haere mai to the Ōpaki whare. Make mistakes and learn alongside different groups of beginners each week who learn basic conversational te reo. A range of activities and everyday life conversations are woven together to help beginners build confidence and knowledge. Soon enough you’ll be able to whakaatu atu (show off) your te reo skills to your whānau and friends.

Too busy? No worries. Catch these series on demand at your leisure instead here. There are over 1000 episodes of language learning programs available including other series like Kōrero Mai which teaches Māori in the form of an engaging soap drama based at 3 Reka Street and Tōku Reo which includes an interactive website to encourage further language learning.

To start your tamariki on the language journey, we have popular cartoon series such as Dora Mātātoa and Sponge Bob Tarau Porowhā dubbed in te reo available online too. There is a selection of choices from our Tamariki Hā! schedule specifically curated for rangatahi, where they can have a giggle, dance and learn basic te reo whilst going on adventures and exploring the universe.

Māori Television will be offering an assortment of entertainment, lifestyle and kai shows during the daytime schedule. Tune in for series such as Cam’s Kai, Hamu & Tofiga, Kapa Haka Regionals 2016 and Te Araroa – Tales from the Trails.

Te Reo channel frequencies – SKYTV: channel 82 or Freeview: channel 15

Ako premieres on the Te Reo channel Monday 06 November at 11.30 am

Ōpaki premieres on the Te Reo channel Monday 06 November at 3.30 pm

Watch Language Learning episodes from Te Reo channel On Demand http://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/te-reo-channel?category=13

Access over 1000 Language Learning episodes from Māori Television On Demand https://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows?category=13