Māori Television supports 'Taihoa - Ease up on the Drink'

Since 2010, the Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) and Maori Television have been working in partnership to promote the ‘ease up message’ through presenter endorsements during Maori Television’s live flagship entertainment show Homai Te Pakipaki.  The idea behind this innovative campaign is to allow presenters in their own words and style to promote alcohol moderation and encourage host responsibility around alcohol.

In August 2011, the Paki Party competition was launched with a series of humorous video skits featuring Homai Te Pakipaki hosts like you have never seen them before, telling viewers how to be responsible hosts when they hold their own Paki Party.  Viewers were encouraged to ease up on the inu waipiera (alcohol) and make sure they have ‘hearty Paki kai’ and some ‘mocktails’ available for guests.

Presenters asked the viewers at home to take part in the Paki Party competition by writing in to Homai Te Pakipaki, suggesting how they would tell their whanau and friends to ease up on the inu waipiera and including recipes for ‘hearty Paki kai’ and a ‘mocktail’. 

Hundreds of entries were received from all over the country, including prisoners writing to tell the audience how alcohol had contributed to their life of crime.  While some of the entries are entertaining, others are heart-breaking as viewers talk about the harm alcohol has caused in their lives.  Many entries were written on behalf of children, pleading with their whanau to ease up on the drink.

For the Homai crew, selecting the winner was an incredibly difficult task, however the Caffrey family from Huntly went well beyond expectations with youngsters Briah-Rose, Noami and Moana Jane producing a booklet and DVD.   Their video featured the children asking their family to be their leaders by teaching them to be responsible around alcohol.

It was this winning entry which formed the basis for this year’s Taihoa Competition which encourages the audience to produce their own commercial and upload online for judging.  The best video will be made into a television commercial and the winner will receive a trip for themselves along with five of their friends and whanau to Fiji with Homai Te PakiPaki host Matai Smith.

Matai says ‘Last year’s competition entries made it crystal clear that our audience understands the dangers of alcohol.  Campaigns like Taihoa both on screen and in the community go a long way to changing behaviour around excessive drinking.’
He goes on to say ‘Maori Television is extremely excited about bringing the Taihoa message to life on Homai Te Pakipaki by getting the audience to take ownership of the Taihoa message.’