Māori Influence and Innovation Celebrated in New Season of Project Mātauranga

From protecting our national icon, the Kiwi, to working on ground-breaking new treatments in the fight against cancer, Māori scientific innovation is at the forefront of the second series of PROJECT MĀTAURANGA.

Presented by Victoria University lecturer Dr Ocean Mercier, the 13-part series highlights the growth of Māori worldviews within New Zealand’s scientific community and celebrates the people and ideas that are giving our country an edge in the world of science.

Formatted around the structure of an experiment, viewers see problems resolved through the application of Western science and Māori knowledge systems.

As Dr Mercier explains “Our brand of science maybe a little different from Western science but nonetheless, it allowed us to work in the world, to be in the world, to live in the world, to survive in the world for generations and thousands of years”.         

PROJECT MĀTAURANGA is funded by Te Māngai Pāho and sponsored by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.                   

Tune in to PROJECT MĀTAURANGA from Monday, August 26 at 8.00pm for an informative, entertaining and inspiring half hour of television that highlights the work of some of our most innovative minds. 

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