Kai Time hits the road again for 2013.

This Māori Television favourite heads into its 11th season with more creative and delicious meals with an indigenous flavour served up over 26 episodes.

Popular chef and hunter extraordinaire Peter Peeti travels the country hunting, fishing, diving, gathering cooking all the wonderful food it has to offer. Cooked on the spot with authentic Māori flair and shared with a special guest on every show.

Series 11 kicks off with some succulent seafood recipes such as paddle crab from Tauranga, succulent snapper from the East Coast, and the Matawai delicacy of eel.

KAI TIME ON THE ROAD also visits the award-winning Over the Moon cheese factory in the South Waikato township of Pūtāruru to learn the art of cheese-making.

With more than 200 episodes produced since its premiere in 2004, KAI TIME ON THE ROAD is Māori Television’s longest running series.

Tune in to KAI TIME ON THE ROAD from Monday, April 8 at 7.30pm for a new season of tasty recipes from Peter Peeti.