Exploring the Art of Māori Oratory

Based on the award-winning book ‘Whaikōrero’ written by Dr Poia Rewi, this 12-week series provides an in-depth look into the art of Māori oratory through conversations with leading Māori speakers.

Producer Mahanga Pihama says that each episode represents a chapter from the book and illustrates the knowledge and mana held by Māori orators from different iwi around Aotearoa.

“I was completely drawn to them and lost in their world.  You could see how passionate they were about whaikōrero and how much it played a part in their lives.”

With 28 whaikōrero experts involved in the series, viewers will be able to experience more than what is simply seen by many as a speech.

“Filming the series was inspiring because of what they said and how they said it, so viewers will be able to learn about the holistic approach to whaikōrero and different aspects such as the structure, language and style.”

Tune in to WHAIKŌRERO on Māori Television on Wednesday nights at 8.00pm.

For interviews, images or further information contact:

Matangaro Paerau
Kaiwhakaputa Tuarua / Junior Publicist
Māori Television
DDI         +64 9 539 7148