Coronavirus update 6 - 19 March 2020

Earlier today we let you know that our technical experts are testing critical systems, making sure they can be accessed and trying to mitigate lag as much as possible. This testing has been successful so we will move to the next phase of testing.

What is the next phase of testing?

We will be gradually testing working from home with each team so that we can be prepared for the full effects of Covid-19. This requires a thoughtful, choreographed approach that involves you. Please see the schedule below for the proposed times for your team. Your leaders will be in touch with you over the next few days to confirm these dates and the test plans.

Date Team
Friday 20th Business Innovation & Human Resources
Monday 23rd Content, Sales and Marketing
Tuesday 24th Technology & Reo
Wednesday 25th Digital & Media Operations
Thursday 26th NCA & Creative
Friday 27th NCA & Creative

What does working from home really mean?

Your leaders will let you know what deliverables will be required from you while you are working from home. For the most part, we should be able to still deliver most business as usual functions.

Will the systems I use be slow?

We are doing everything we can to make this experience as easy as possible. We have:

  • More than doubled the bandwidth from our data providers. This helps prevent our systems running slow when many kaimahi are accessing them.
  • · Set out the plan above so that each team will help our technology experts troubleshoot.

Social distancing

While we still want everyone to communicate and interact let’s remember that we must observe the 2 metre distance guideline. The key is not to crowd together in small spaces, but if needed choose a larger area to meet.

Manuhiri and contractors

A reminder to please make sure our contractors and manuhiri follow the same guidelines as we have put in place if they are working with us or coming into our whare.