Recruitment FAQ

Can anyone apply for the advertised roles?
Yes, provided you meet the skill and competency requirements for the role.

Do I need to be Māori to apply for a role?
No. It is important, however, that you are committed to learning, using and fostering te reo Māori.

How long will it be before someone comes back to me regarding my application?
If you apply by e-mail, you will be notified that your application has been received within 1 working day. If this does not happen please contact us to check that we received your application. Notification as to whether you will be interviewed or declined for the role you have applied for will be within 10 working days of application close off date.  Please allow an extra 3-5 working days if applying by post.

What is the recruitment process?
Your application will be assessed against competencies that have been developed for each role.
Should you be considered as being suitable for the role you will be interviewed by Māori Television.
Should you be selected as the successful candidate, prior to offer, further background and reference checks will be undertaken.

How long is the recruitment process?
Approximately 4 weeks from application close off date to an offer being made to the successful candidate. All unsuccessful candidates will be notified accordingly.

What level of Te Reo is required?
Different roles require different levels of te reo Māori as determined in the role profile. Some positions do not require te reo Māori to fulfil the role, but all team members, are expected to learn, use, and otherwise foster, te reo Māori.

Should my application be in Māori/te reo?
Applications in te reo Māori and/or English will be accepted.

How should I send in my CV?
Preferably by e-mail however fax or postal applications will be accepted.

Is there an example format of a CV I could use?
Yes, click here for help with your CV from

Will mihi form part of the interview process at  the interview stage?
If you feel this is an important part of the process for you this can be catered for at your interview.

If I am declined for one role, can I apply for an another advertised role?
Yes. The Māori Television recruitment team will be assessing applications for roles other than those applied for initially and will advise applicants accordingly. However you should feel free to apply for all roles where you believe your skill sets meet those called for in the advertisement.