About Māori Television

About Māori Television

Māori Television is New Zealand’s indigenous broadcaster, providing a wide range of local and international programmes for audiences across the country and online. Māori language is a taonga (treasure) at the heart of Māori culture and New Zealand’s unique cultural identity. Launched in 2004, Māori Television has two key long-term objectives:

  • To significantly contribute to the revitalisation of the Māori language; and
  • To be an independent Māori television service that is relevant, effective and widely accessible. 

Our Vision

Te Kuaha ki te Ao Māori 

Our Values

Underpinning these objectives are our values:

  • Kia tika - being professional, maintaining high standards
  • Kia pono - being truthful, honest and acting with integrity
  • Kia aroha - being respectful and empathetic
  • Kia Māori - maintaining and upholding core Māori values

Strategic Direction

Our strategy is based on inclusivity - building a connection to Māori culture for all New Zealanders.  We achieve this through the delivery of unique locally made programmes, good quality in-house programmes, free-to-air sport, intelligent and entertaining international programmes and coverage of events of significance to all New Zealanders. 


Beyond the New Zealand public, Māori Television has two key stakeholder groups: The Crown (through the Minister for Māori Development and the Minister of Finance) and Te Mātāwai.

Our founding legislation, The Māori Television Service Act 2003, ensures our commitment and statutory obligation to:

  • Be a high quality, cost effective television provider which informs, educates and entertains;
  • Broadcast mainly in the Māori language;
  • Consider the needs of children participating in immersion education and anyone else learning Māori. 

Through our range of programmes, Māori Television endeavours to show our place in the world and our world in one place. 

Home Page Artwork

Created by well-known New Zealand artist Shane Hansen, the artwork on this website represents the core principles of Māori Television:  Mā rātou, mā mātou, mā koutou, mā tātou.  For them, for us, for you, for all of us. 

The design not only showcases contemporary Māori visual arts, but also reflects our inclusive approach and commitment to delivering something for all New Zealanders to enjoy and be proud of. 

Shane Hansen’s bold and confident artwork is also an expression of the many facets of his identity: an on-going exploration and celebration of Māori, Danish and Scottish heritage; his pride in being a husband and father and his whimsical sense of humour.

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