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What's up with the Tumoanas, Series 1 Episode 8

Doitz! – Kapa Haka is a passion in the Tumoana whānau. Doitz! –pārekareka ana ki te whānau Tumoana te mahi Kapa Haka. Life is an absolute chaotic mess of practices as they prepare for Matatini with Tahuri, Ana and Makaira attempting to make the cut for Ngā Tumanako and Te Ua and Ngarangi doing the same with their school group, Te Wharekura o Hoani Waititi Marae, who are standing at Polyfest. Buckle up! (FINAL)

What's Up With the Tumoanas, Series 1 Episode 7

Absolutely Positively Wellington - the father of Tahuri lives in Wellington and is a staunch Mormon, as are many of this side of his whānau. So when the Tumoana whānau go to Wellington for the netball tournament to support Te Ua, a catch-up is planned. Māori vs Mormon – the differences are obvious.

What's up with the Tumoanas, Series 1 Episode 6

Two families, one girl – Makaira’s birth father Pip is an important influence in her life, as are her tuakana and tungāne from this side, Dwayne, Kym and Tamararo. We see another side of Makaira as her older brothers and sisters prepare her for a coming of age experience. Tahuri struggles with the Matatini haka routine – much to the amusement of some members of his whānau.