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Episode 15 - Ngawai Beazley v Wikiriwhi Ratima, Cousin v Cousin

 Ngawai and Wiki are cousins. They are a close whānau and spend a lot of time at their marae.

Ngawai and Wiki along with their other cousin Ruth are the ringawera. 
Wiki admits that if Ngawai is making her Shortbread then there's no competition, she has won already, even though Wiki is a trained chef!

Photo credit: Pablo Araus

Episode 14 - Jo Stenning v Jax Oldham, Sister vs Sister

These guys are hilarious!

Jo likes to bake alone when it’s quiet and Jax likes to bake with her kids. Jax used to work as a cook (but she’s trying to keep it a secret from us!)

The two sisters each have blended families - 13 kids between them.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus

Episode 13, Aaron Freeman v Heather Freeman, Husband vs Wife

Husband and wife duo Aaron and Heather are passionate Polynesian cooks from Palmerston North.  They were also finalists in the very first My Kitchen Rules NZ in 2014.

They will each be making Heather’s gluten-free Pineapple Pie recipe that she created for MKR.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus

Episode 12, Niko Manning vs Ngatipikiao (Piki) Jakeman, Grandson vs Nana 

Niko Tiare Manning
Niko is 15 – he is a year 11 student.

He is from a competitive family and says he will beat his nana at the bake-off because he has youth on his side and he has stamina.  Admittedly he is a bit worried as Nana is a really good baker!

Ngatipikiao (Piki) Jakeman  
Piki is Niko’s mother’s mother.  She teaches Te reo at secondary school level.  She is the 20th of 23 children and says she will win the bake-off because she has experience on her side – and also a secret recipe!  Piki has three children and 7 mokopuna.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus

Episode 11, Ria Hall and Kylie Campbell, Sister vs Sister

Ria Hall

Ria is a NZ recording artist and presenter on Māori Television’s AIA Marae DIY. Her interest in singing came through Kapa Haka while she was at high school.  Later in Wellington she created a reggae band called ‘Hope Road’.  

Kylie Campbell

Big sister Kylie is Ria’s manager – Ria likes to call her “my Sissanger”.  Kylie is married to Lance and they have three children together.

Kylie is very competitive – she says to her own detriment.

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Episode 10, Sarah Jane(SJ) vs Stephanie Barbour

Sarah Jane
Sarah-Jane (SJ) trained as a chef in Christchurch under a Maori training scheme. She has however never actually worked as a chef – choosing to work as a nanny instead but she still has a real passion for food, bakes all the time, loves to read cookbooks and is addicted to all the food shows.

Stephanie Barbour 
Stephanie is the proud mother of Maddie and Tane. Four years ago SJ couldn’t have imagined Steph baking but now she really enjoys it and their whānau are blown away by her progress.  Steph now takes a real interest in providing homemade and nutritious food for her children.

This aunty and niece are incredibly supportive of each other – but they are also very competitive.  SJ says she would be gutted if Steph won the bake-off!  

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 9, Gundy Pryor vs Reweti Elliott

Gundy Pryor
Gundy is a total crack up! He was the team leader of the winning team - Tūteao Marae of Te Teko of Series one (2013) Marae Kai Masters.  

Reweti Elliott
Reweti is a kindergarten teacher.  He has been working in early childhood education for 20 years.  

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 8, Sister in Arms vs Sister in Arms, Rosalind Pene vs Merenia Rudolph

Merenia & Rosalind both live in West Auckland and have been close friends for 15 years.  They are both very whānau oriented.  They do everything together and say they are infamous together in West Auckland  - everyone there thinks they are sisters.  They spend a lot of time in supermarkets together - particularly at Pak n Save.  They see each other every day and their children go to school together.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 7, Husband vs Wife, Fou vs Katerina Fale 

Fou Fale
Aged 29, Fou Fale lives in Manurewa, Auckland. He has been married to Katerina for 7 years and together they have three kids aged, 6, 4 and 2. Fou works as a chef, and his favorite thing to make at home is chicken fettucine.

Katerina Fale
Aged 30, Katerina was born in Samoa. Her hobbies include writing, lifting weights, listening to worship and reading the bible. Currently working as a full time Air Hostess with Virgin Australia and one of her future goals is to be a motivational speaker. 

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 6, Brother vs Sister-in-Law, Cameron Petley vs Marcia Petley

Cam Petley 
A father of five who lives in Putararu, central Waikato.  He was a finalist in series 2 of Masterchef (2011) and prior to that he was a chicken farmer.  After Masterchef he began working as a chef – at the Nash in Cambridge.  He also released a cookbook ‘Hunter from the Heartland’.  

Marcia Petley 
Marcia Petley is Cam’s 33 year old sister-in-law – she is married to Cam’s younger brother Leif.  They met at a 16th birthday party 17 years ago so she has knows Cam for that long as well.  She is originally from Matamata but lives in Putararu with her husband and children.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 5, Shelfords, Wayne "Buck', Joanne 'Jo' & Eruera 'Eru'

Wayne 'Buck' Shelford
All Black legend Wayne 'Buck' Shelford played 48 games including 22 tests and was the AB Captain from 1987-1990 during which time they didn't lose a game (drawing once against Australia in 1988). Buck's rugby career has meant he and his family have lived in England, France, Japan and Italy. 

Joanne 'Jo' Shelford
Jo's background is in Māori health and education, she has studied education and Rongoa Māori (Māori Traditional Medicine). Jo has had a varied career, being involved in education and has worked for a travel company in NZ as a tour guide. 

Eruera 'Eru' Shelford
Eru Shelford is the head chef and owner of Pride Catering. He currently runs the kitchen for 'Eat My Lunch' which sees extra lunches made for children in need in low decile Auckland schools. He is also a personal trainer and cross fit coach.

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 4, Mother vs Daughter, Michelle Lee vs Moana Makapelu Lee

Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee was a teacher for many years and was also an actor and artist before becoming a television producer.  She now runs Kapu Tī Productions with her husband Brent.  Their shows include CITY SLICKERS RODEO, which travelled the country teaching teens the tricks of the rodeo, also HOIHO: History of the Hoof  which celebrates the bonds between Māori and their horses as well as Cam’s Kai with Masterchef’s Cameron Petley. 

Moana Makapelu Lee 
Moana joined Māori Television as a reporter for Te Kāea in February this year.  She has a degree in law and politics from the University of Auckland and had worked in various television production roles before landing her dream job.  

Episode 3, Father vs Daughter, Hon Te Ururoa Flavell vs Miria Flavell

Te Ururoa Flavell
Te Ururoa Flavell (also known as Hemi Flavell) has been a co-leader of the Māori Party since 2013.  He was born in Tokoroa and trained as a teacher. He credits his whānau as his greatest inspiration – he says they keep him grounded and support him 100%.  

Miria Flavell
Miria Is a make-up artist with her own company – Halo Beauty which she only started up seven months ago.  She moved from Rotorua to Auckland earlier this year and is now based in Grey Lynn.  Miria has worked behind the scenes in television production but has said in the past that she would really love to become a broadcaster. Miria films a lot of make-up tutorials for You-tube and is also keen on health and fitness, attending the gym regularly. 

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 2, Cousin vs Cousin, Mahina Wehipeihana vs Huia Johnson

Huia Johnson
Huia and Mahina are first cousins. Their mothers were sisters. The two ladies are pretty close.  Mahina is based in Wellington and Huia was based there for ten years before moving back to Hastings a year or so ago once her work contract ended.  

Mahina Wehipeihana
Mahina is the Kaiwhakahaere (General Manager) for Te Rōpū Wahine Māori Toko i te Ora (Māori Womens Welfare League Inc). She has been a League member for approximately 14 years and loves it -  “I love the whakapapa, the wahine, the kaupapa.”  Until last year Mahina worked government departments for many years.  She graduated with a BCA degree in 2008.  

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.

Episode 1, Best Friend vs Best Friend, Lou Tyson vs Jethro Gardiner

Lou Tyson
24 year old Lou Tyson is from Whanganui. Lou was also a reporter for TVNZ’s 2Kaha. She has a degree in Business and Accounting, is a part-time model and is also Stan Walker’s partner. Lou has only recently learnt Te Reo.  She used to visit the marae and go to powhiri without understanding a word but decided to change all that so she enrolled herself into full immersion Maori school Te Wānanga Takiuru o ngā. 

Jethro Gardiner
Jethro’s parents moved to Australia 35 years ago to start a new life and that is where Jethro grew up - in the Central Coast, north of Sydney in a small coastal town.  Jethro grew up not speaking māori or even really knowing that NZ existed and as he says. His whānau had only a few trips back to NZ in all of Jethro’s life but a turning point came for him when he decided to return to New Zealand for his cousin Marama’s baby’s first birthday.  He slept on a marae and experienced his māori culture properly for the very first time. 

Photo credit: Pablo Araus.