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Coming up - Tuesday Festival Documentaries

Te Mana o te Moana - The Pacific Voyages, Tuesday 13 December, 8.30pm (R)
Te Mana O Te Moana - The Pacific Voyagers chronicles the epic voyage of a group of over 100 Pan-Pacific Islanders, who for the first time ever, were sailing across the vast continent of water they call home to carry a message of stewardship for the ocean.  

Undefeated, Tuesday 20 December, 8.30pm (R) 
A documentary on an underdog football team who look to reverse their fortunes with coach Bill Courtney.

Gardening with Soul, Tuesday 27 December, 8.30pm (R) 
Gardening with Soul is a feature length documentary following a year in the garden with 90 year old Sister Loyola Galvin.  Sister Loyola's optimism is infectious and its fed every day by her love of gardening.  Themes of faith, aging and compassion sit alongside the practicalities of community life, issues within the Catholic Church and the importance of good compost in this intimate, funny and moving portrait of a woman approaching the end of her life.

Last Train Home, Tuesday 03 January, 8.30pm (R)
A couple embarks on a journey home for Chinese New Year along with 130 million other migrant workers, to reunite with their children and struggle for a future. Their unseen story plays out as China soars towards being a world superpower.

Venus and Serena, Tuesday 10 January, 8.30pm
Ever since Venus and Serena Williams started playing in tennis tournaments, they've provoked strong reactions - from awe and admiration to suspicion and resentment. They've been winning championships for over a decade, pushing the limits of longevity in such a demanding sport. How long can they last? In Venus and Serena, we gain unprecedented access into their lives during the most intimidating year of their career. Over the course of 2011, Venus grappled with an energy-sapping autoimmune disease while Serena battled back from life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Neither Venus nor Serena let their adversities hold them back. They drew their greatest strength from each other.

Spellbound, Tuesday 17 January, 8.30pm
Spellbound follows eight teenagers on their quest to win the 1999 National Spelling Bee.

Utopia, Tuesday 24 January, 8.30pm
This controversial documentary film by acclaimed filmmaker John Pilger draws on his long association with Indigenous Australians.  Utopia is Pilger's investigation into Australia's colonial past and wealthy present.  It sets out to break the stereotypes of the first people of Australia. Pilger travels to Darwin, then to Western Australia and to the outback of New SouthWales, where he explores the high rate of Indigenous people imprisoned, the low average life expectancy, and the prevalence of preventable diseases and malnutrition among indigenous communities.  Utopia is both a personal journey and a universal story of power and resistance, of how modern societies can be divided between those who conform and the dystopian world of those who do not.

In the Shadow of the Moon, Tuesday 31 January, 8.30pm
The surviving crew members from NASA's Apollo missions tell their story in their own words.

Marley, Tuesday 07 February, 8.30pm (R)
A documentary on the life, music, and legacy of Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s birthday is on Waitangi Day 6/2/17.