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Survive Aotearoa

Survive Aotearoa, Series 1 Episode 9

Barrie and Chris are parachuting when the bitterly cold southerly wind takes them off course and they land in a completely different location to what they intended, on the west side of Mount Tongariro.

Survive Aotearoa, Series 1 Episode 8

Barrie and Chris head to Waitomo on a hunting expedidion with their trusty hunting dog, Hula. However, the trip is short-lived when Hula falls down into one of the caves and the boys are forced to rescue her.

Survive Aotearoa, Series 1 Episode 7

Barrie and Chris are back country skiing on Mt Ruapehu where they witness an avalanche up above. It’s too dangerous to head back up to the skifield, so they are forced to spend the night out exposed on the mountain.

Survive Aotearoa, Series 1 Episode 6

Barrie and Chris are driving along State Highway 6 on the South Island’s West Coast when they hit black ice and plunge down a 30m ravine. With the threat of leaking fuel the boys abandon the vehicle after salvaging what they can.

Survive Aotearoa, Series 1 Episode 5

Barrie and Chris take on the scenario of a helicopter pilot’s worst nightmare: An emergency landing on top of the Southern Alps. Stranded on Isobel Glacier, they must cross glacial peaks and trek through sub alpine terrain to get out.