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Tracks, Sunday 3 April, 8.30pm
A young woman goes on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with four camels and her faithful dog.

99 Homes, Sunday 09 April, 8.30pm
A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.

Love Story, Sunday 16 April, 8.30pm
Love Story sees filmmaker Florian Habicht finding a movie, a plot, and a beautiful Ukrainian on the streets of New York. The off-beat romance is part love letter to NYC, part the story of Florian and Masha, and possibly even part true: with the script to this genre-bending tryst being written before our eyes, thanks to story input from real-life New Yorkers.

East West East, Sunday 23 April, 8.30pm
An amateur cycling team from Albania heads to France to take part in a tournament only to discover on the way that revolution has broken out at home.

House of Games, Sunday 30 April, 8.30pm 
(1987) A psychiatrist comes to the aid of a compulsive gambler and is led by a smooth-talking grifter into the shadowy but compelling world of stings, scams, and con men. Director David Mamet. Stars Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mategna.