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Beasts of the Southern Wild, Saturday 18 February, 8.15pm (R)
Faced with both her hot-tempered father's fading health and melting ice-caps that flood her ramshackle bayou community and unleash ancient aurochs, six year old Hushpuppy must learn the ways of courage and love.

Pride and Prejudice, Saturday 04 March, 8.00pm (R) NO ON DEMAND
Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich and proud Mt Darcy. But Mr Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice.

The Other Son, Saturday 11 March, 8.30pm (R)
Two young men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, discover they were accidentally switched at birth.

Melancholia, Saturday 18 March, 8.30pm (R)
Two sisters find their already strained relationship challenged as a mysterious new planet threatens to collide with Earth.

Fantail, Saturday 25 March, 8.45pm (R)
Tania thinks she's Māori.  she works the graveyard shift at Horizon to save money to take her brother Pi to Surfers.  But one night a cheeky little bird ruins everything and Tania pays the ultimate price for being a hero.