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Schindler's List, Saturday 29 April, 9.10pm
In Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis.

Charlotte Gray, Saturday 05 May, 8.50pm 
A young Scottish woman joins the French Resistance during World War II to rescue her Royal Air Force boyfriend who is lost in France.

The Portrait of a Lady, Saturday 13 May, 8.30pm NO ON DEMAND
An American girl inherits a fortune and falls into a misguided relationship with a gentleman confidence artist whose true nature, including a barbed and covetous disposition, turns her life into a nightmare.

Dallas Buyers Club, Saturday 20 May, 8.45pm
In 1985 Dallas, electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof works around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he is diagnosed with the disease.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Saturday 27 May, 8.55pm NO ON DEMAND
A botched card game in London triggers four friends, thugs, weed growers, hard gangsters, loan sharks and debt collectors to collide with each other in a series of unexpected events, all for the sake of weed, cash and two antique shotguns.

Inside Man, Saturday 03 June, 8.30pm NO ON DEMAND
A police detective, a bank robber, and a high powered broker enter high stakes negotiations after the criminals brilliant heist spirals into a hostage situation.