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Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 32

For many doctors, alternative medicine means superstition and con jobs. But is there a middle ground? Today on ReThink we examine which therapies might be useful, and which could actually be harmful…and ask if there is enough being done to put that information to the public. Shaun Holt, Donna Kerridge and George Laking.

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 31

Water is fast becoming the planet’s most valuable resource. Today on ReThink we ask if we are doing enough to protect that resource and look at where we need to make changes to preserve our future.

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 30

Today we look at how the Resource Management Act affects our lives. What are the recent changes to the Act, what do they mean for you and how does iwi consultation work?

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 29

Obesity in this country has been called a public health disaster. Today on Re-Think we look at the high obesity rates among our children, and the strategies we need to counter it. (PREMIERE)

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 27

We look at the prospects for sustainable growth and where we really need to concentrate our long term investment and thinking. Liam Dann, David Parker and Manuka Henare.

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 26

We look at what we can do to teach wise usage of the net, and how to protect and survive in a world with no policing and no borders. We speak to Rihi Te Nana, Martin Crocker and Matt Taylor. (PREMIERE)

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 25

Funerals in this country are becoming more and more expensive. But does it have to be this way? We talk to Sue Chetwin, Francis Tipene and Sally Rauden about the issue.

Re-Think, Series 1 Episode 24

Today on Re-Think we unravel the jargon of the NCEA system and explore what our school system really needs to do for our children. Roz Mexted, Nikki Carter and Shane Edwards.