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Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 26

In the final episode of this series, host Precious Clark and her three manuhiri discuss the issues, obstacles and statistics facing Māori these days, and whether it is possible to be Māori and happy. (FINAL)

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 25

Three guests join Precious Clark in a thought-provoking discussion around planning a family, touching on topics within this kaupapa including blended families, being and becoming hapū, and infertility.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 24

Precious Clark hosts a debate about Māori art, how to make a living as an artist, and whether contemporary Māori art is cutting edge, with Tama Waipara, Bethany Matai Edmunds, and Hohepa Thompson.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 23

Precious Clark hosts 3 single Māori and finds out how they are faring in the dating game. We chat about finding the ideal partner, and our manuhiri share their dating do’s and dont’s.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 22

In an increasingly busy society, which of these fields deserves our attention and energy and pūtea– sport, art or te reo Māori? Our three guests offer their thoughts in this light-hearted debate.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 21

Precious Clark hosts three manuhiri who have lived overseas but have chosen to move back to Aotearoa. We find out some of the positives and negatives about their move home.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 20

Join Precious Clark and her three manuhiri to discuss a health issue that is increasingly affecting te iwi Māori: obesity. They will look at some ways to inspire us all to get healthy.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 19

Precious Clark invites her guests - a property investor, a financial advisor and a young mum dealing with past bad financial decisions- to share their thoughts and experiences with financial literacy.

Pūtahi, Series 1 Episode 18

Join Precious Clark and her guests Dr Maria Bargh, Aaron Hapuku, and Helen Te Hira as they discuss whether our generation is too complacent, and if our modern protests are having significant impact.