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Project Mātauranga

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Project Mātauranga is a science series presented by Dr Ocean Mercier, a lecturer at Victoria University that celebrates Māori innovation in the science sector. The series investigates Māori worldviews and methodologies within the scientific community and looks at their practical application. Step by step we’ll see the problems resolved, revealing in everyday language how Western Science and Māori knowledge systems are combining to provide solutions.

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Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 12

Dr Kepa Morgan of Ngāti Pikiao has developed a scientific method to measure the effect of the Rena disaster from a cultural perspective. We look at the worst environmental maritime disaster in our nation’s history.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 11

Estuaries integrate and accumulate the effects of activities on the land. Ngā Waihotanga Iho, the estuarine monitoring toolkit for iwi, has been developed to empower tangata whenua with tools to measure environmental changes in their estuaries.

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