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Project Mātauranga videos

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 13

In the 1980s a Pare in Auckland Museum’s carving collection fell and shattered. We follow a rebuild project that brought together conservationists from Auckland museum and carvers Bernard Makoare and Lyonel Grant.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 12

Dr Kepa Morgan of Ngāti Pikiao has developed a scientific method to measure the effect of the Rena disaster from a cultural perspective. We look at the worst environmental maritime disaster in our nation’s history.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 11

Estuaries integrate and accumulate the effects of activities on the land. Ngā Waihotanga Iho, the estuarine monitoring toolkit for iwi, has been developed to empower tangata whenua with tools to measure environmental changes in their estuaries.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 10

The iconic Kauri is under threat from Kauri Dieback, a disease that kills every disease that could decimate the iconic forests of the north and push this giant of the ngahere to the brink of extinction.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 9

In 1991 a new species of marine sponge was collected that contained a previously unknown chemical with potent biological properties. Chemist Hemi Cumming wants to synthesise this chemical as a potential treatment for cancer.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 8

Pre-European Māori incorporated a vast amount of astronomical knowledge into their lives, but much has been lost. The Society of Māori Astronomy Research and Traditions is inspiring the next generation to look to the stars.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 7

The psyllid pest costs our commercial potato industry millions in lost export earnings. The Taewa Resistance Research Project being undertaken by researcher Aleise Puketapu hopes to find resistance to the psyllid.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 6

The sea cucumber has never been a part of our diet, but in China it’s considered a delicacy. We investigate Whakatōhea scientist Kimberley Maxwell’s attempt to cultivate these unusual sea creatures for the export market.

Project Mātauranga, Series 2 Episode 5

Toheroa, a delectable shellfish, was once a staple of our diets and one of our first exports. However, a drop in numbers from overharvesting saw a total ban put in place. We look at the effort to rejuvenate the Toheroa population.