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Pakipūmeka Aotearoa videos.

The Making of Utu

(AO) This documentary goes behind the scenes with director Gaylene Preston during the making of Geoff Murphy's: Utu.

Target Zero

Target Zero. In the past two years, comedian Mike King has turned his attention to suicide prevention. This is the story of his work in the community to challenge and reduce the statistics. (PREMIERE)

Freezing Works

(AO) The story of a group of New Zealand freezing workers who will join the chain gang during the September killing season in Iceland. (PREMIERE)

Murupara Dreaming

(AO) A documentary about the struggle to reinvent Murupara, a town that had its economic and social base ripped from under it, and the people who wouldn't give up. (PREMIERE)

What are we going to do about Mum?

(AO) Three families decide how best to care for their elderly relatives who can no longer care for themselves. This confronting documentary will examine care of the elderly from a uniquely Māori perspective.

One World - He Ao Kotahi

Māori Tā Moko artist, carver and musician Katz Maihi travels to Israel and Palestine to delve into similarities between our cultures. What starts as a straightforward collaboration evolves into a life changing experience.

Ngārara - Overcoming Addiction

(AO) Sharing incredibly honest takes on drug addiction from former drug users, where their devastating pasts have transformed into extraordinary futures, with the help of Māori remedies. Made with the support of NZ On Air.