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Pakipūmeka Aotearoa videos.

Try Revolution

Try Revolution tells the story of how the 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand impacted on South Africa.

The Ghosts We Brought Home

Three senior Vietnam War veterans and a grieving whānau share stories of being haunted by the ghosts of war in this moving local documentary. (PREMIERE)

Mending the Mākōtuku

An insightful documentary on the deception behind the 2013 water contamination in the small Ruapehu District town of Raetihi. (PREMIERE)

What are we going to do about Mum?

(AO) Three families decide how best to care for their elderly relatives who can no longer care for themselves. This confronting documentary will examine care of the elderly from a uniquely Māori perspective.

Ngā Tamatoa: 40 Years On

Documentary marking the 40th anniversary of the first National Māori Language Day in 1972, at which the Māori Language Petition was presented to parliament.

Kumu Hina

A moving and inspiring film that follows a native Hawaiian mahu (transgender) woman who uses traditional culture to create a place where every student is accepted. (PREMIERE)

Hautoa Mā!

The Dead Lands marked a momentous occasion in Māori film. In this exciting special we explore the cast potential that exists with a new wave of indigenous storytellers taking Māori to the world. (PREMIERE)

The Lost Voyage of 499

China's lost tomb ship is a mystery tale of a shipwreck that reaches across a century to reveal the connection between Hokianga iwi and the descendants of 499 Chinese gold miners who never made it home. (PREMIERE)