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Pakipūmeka Aotearoa - New Zealand Documentaries

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Mondays, 8.30pm.

Māori Television’s New Zealand Documentary slot - Pakipūmeka Aotearoa on Mondays at 9.30pm, is a showcase of the finest in New Zealand-made documentaries celebrating our indigenous diversity and talent.

On demand Recent videos

Wilbur - The King in the Ring

(AO) Following the journey of a humorous ex-professional Kiwi wrestler who undergoes gastric sleeve surgery in order to climb back in the ring, while challenging viewers to consider their own health and identity. (2017)

Waitangi - What Really Happened?

(AO) This docudrama follows an imaginary news reporter who travels back in time to cover the days leading up to the Treaty of Waitangi 6th February 1840 signing, told in recreations and interviews with the participants and locals.

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